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my patronus is a basilisk

In retrospect I should have made sure I had good enough pictures to make a line sheet with before I sent the best of my current stock off to ConQuestKC. Uh. This may mean a couple of types of pieces aren't going to make it on the sheet, because I only have one left, or the ones that are left are ones that are slated for the clearance bin, and this needs to get to the folks I've been talking to, well, yesterday. Eesh.

bookmark group shot before editing for catalog
Got a decent example set of bookmarks, though.

Even given the lightness of my show schedule, I clearly need to make a bunch of standard pieces, not just muck about with new paints and such.

Unrelated-ly, did you know that to apply for a passport, they want you to provide your ex-spouse's birth info plus your marriage and divorce dates? Which I only have the vaguest idea of. I mean, half the time for weird questions like this, I can just look back in my LJ, but I didn't start my LJ until July of 2001, and my divorce predates that by at least two years. My "proper" blog/journal at that time was on a domain that I let lapse long long ago, and don't know where I would I have an archive of still. The wayback machine had a little bit of it, which means I have retrieved this hilarious picture. I look like such a girl, OMG. I am not sure, but this might have been taken during/coming off from the therapy project of "It's freaking me out that people keep reading me as a guy, so I'm going to learn how to project femininity"

Which. Yeah. That sucked, both in the before and the after.

blond and a skirt? WTH?

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