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Actually made it to the gym this morning as planned!

Most of my "stopping now" weights used to be my warm-up weights. Ouch. I made a new fitocracy account for tracking because I want the progress cookies for motivation, which will take forever to happen with my old workouts there as comparison.

The gym has slightly improved -- they adding rowing machines! And they have this thing of water in the front that spins as you row which I at first thought was cheesy as hell but it turns out it gets 95% of the way to sounding like actual rowing (with a hint of washing machine) which makes things far more pleasant.

Also, they've stopped playing music. More gyms should do this. I didn't notice any TVs either, but I avoid the "cardio machine" area of the gym like the plague (rowing machines have their own corner away from the treadmills and bikes and ellipticals.) so I might have missed it.

I don't like the absence of morning nap, nor how stiff I am in the mornings (my first rowing set was downright painful), but dang, I am in fact totally awake and energetic now.

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