my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

So many pretty planets on my worktable right now.

Sometimes I really hate how much sharper, artistically, I usually get when painting to a tight deadline.  It's not like what I do these days is hugely difficult -- I need to work within the constraints of a pretty tight theme and to some extent compositions -- so the work I'm making this morning that will basically finish their final cure 6 hours before I install them at Norwescon should be the same level of work I make most of the time. 

Perhaps part of it is that holiday sales were really good and so much of the best stuff sold, hence my current point of comparison with stock on hand is a little bit harsh, but still. A starfield, and some pretty nebulas, and maybe a planet or two. How do I mess that up? (other than, you know, continuing to really like orange and green, which sell like molasses even when they are magnificent.)

I do not want to thrive under stress. I want to thrive under calm. I'm certainly happier under calm.


There has been real progress in improving the room, but I still don't have a place where I can paint while sitting down, or work on things bigger than a switchplate, Ao my massive backlog of ideas is still all backlog (especially the stuff I want to do that involves the laser cutter.) and I can't actually even have all my paint within arms reach at one time.

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