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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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places for everything and nothing is in its place
Nice people in a big truck came and now the hallway is now full of very, very large & heavy boxes of Ikea flat-pack. I haven't really been able to get the space clear where the shelving in question needs to go, because of all the stuff that needs a place to live (hence shelves) so ... I guess I'm going to have to Towers of Hanoi it. And build it in a different room first and slide it down the hall which means no one gets to play Overwatch or Splatoon until I'm done.

If I just pile absolutely everything on the bed that will force me to get it done in a day so I can sleep, right? (I mean, yeah, I could just cuddle down in piles of clothes, but I haven't sunk that low in at least four years.)

The planned Monday trip to IKEA to buy the box/drawer things that will actually fit into the spaces in the KALLAX got cancelled for scheduling crisis reasons, BUT it turns out that Target's line of cubbies are exactly the same dimensions so maybe we won't need to drive to Renton after all? (Ooh, if I ship to store I could get ones with stars on them by Tuesday! ... Or if I settle for merely cute stripes I could have them NOW.)

I really, really want to have a clear floor and organized space again, and now it's so close I can taste at, while at the same time, my schedule is utterly blocked up. Some of the blocks are fun (S managed to score Hamilton tickets for, uh, most of us? Luckily R doesn't actually care about the musical.

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