my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

getting ready for Arisia

I'm putting together my box for the Arisia art show, and their database asks for the date of creation for the pieces. With the jewelry, that's easy -- all 2017 (even if I had much left from earlier, I won't send a jewelry piece to the same show twice.)  But I'm sending almost all the cards, because of how Arisia handles prints, so I had to look up the dates (by file time stamp, mostly) when the originals were completed. "How cities are born" was completed in 2009. I didn't show it at all until 2011, and that only once. 3 years ago, I printed it on metal for a lark, and now it's reliably my best seller. That's not the only work that lurked unseen for years, just the most egregious example of work I *should* have been putting out there. Remembering those years of just blankness in my art-making is making me melancholy. 

On a happier note, I was granted TWO panels at Arisia this year, so I am sending ALL THE THINGS. As in, I currently have 29 things entered into the database, and am pretty sure I can fit 15, maybe even 20, more. I've got a tray full curing upstairs that I will pick from tomorrow morning, and I might go back into my show stock and grab more bookmarks. I sadly only got one really dramatic necklace done, but for a while I thought I wouldn't even have that, so I am trying to be content with that.

Oh hell, how did it get to be 1 am? I still have cards to bag and jewelry to card.

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Tags: art, business, conventions

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