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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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almost breathing deeply
 Down to one major external-deadline project! I sent in the PTSA directory last night suuuuper late, and it is a huge relief. Now to get the last (horrible) task done, and I can ... well, not relax, but do the projects that don't have to go to other people. (And a few small projects that need to be shipped, but they are just a few jewelry orders)

I need to actually find some Christmas spirit somewhere. At least I've caught up a bit on sleep (and cut down enough on bubbly caffeine sources) that I'm not feeling like a walking husk any more. And today was Margo's cookie party, which was lovely low-key socializing with babies and todllers and I ate way too many buckeyes.

I also did my first (wildly unsuccessful, since I'm still figuring out settings for my random cardstock) test of the Glowforge and I didn't blow anything up, plus I successfully made Inkscape bend to my will. So that's cheering.

We're scheduled to tour one of the special day programs with O on Monday. Which is kind of huge, really. I just hope this works.  It's clear that she's not going to be "normal function" for a long time, but it seems pretty helpful that she can get closer to it than she is now.

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