my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

yay it's over

I have no more in-person shows to do! Technically ever, though I will acquire a few in the spring and going forward as appropriate shows pop up.  A few convention shows to mail-in to, and that whole online thing continues to need to happen, but still no more getting up at 5 to drive somewhere and smile at people for 8 hours! Yaaaay!

It's been really good to do so many shows, particularly back to back, though. I have a much better sense of where I should be selling, and what people are responding to in my work that I want to encourage.

Having a card spinner makes all the difference in the world, so much so that I need to not only reorder cards but add more designs.  I'm not sure if I should get Summer's Exile (which has been around forever and occasionally sells as a print but isn't super popular) or Viewing Platform (which is brand new this year and hasn't been to any conventions yet to get a real read on if people like it, but visually fits in a little more closely with my other popular pieces, it's more SF than fantasy) 

Now to just get through the (somewhat literal) pile of things that were waiting "until shows are done" and I get to play with the glowforge.

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