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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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GeekCraftExpo ate my brain
 .... there was supposed to be a long post here, and well, now it's Tuesday night and that hasn't happened yet. So.

GCE was fun; Saturday in particular had a lot of happy, interested, geeky people.  The set of vendors was really good; it was a well-juried room. I did okay, like solid-not-amazing okay, not "just" okay. I would have been over the moon with sales this high at most other shows, but, well, booth space was not cheap.

The moon phase pieces and new dangly-tiny-things pieces (and just tiny-not dangly) all basically sold by Saturday afternoon. So that new direction is confirmed..

I had what I expect will be my rudest customer interaction ever, which sucked. If you blink at my prices, wtf are you doing at a handmade expo? (Dad made adult son return the bracelet he had bought because "it wasn't worth it". After I broke his $100, too.) The person who came up after the a-hole was a repeat customer who bought still yet more things, so my urge to kill subsided.  I did also have a customer insist on paying me more than I was charging for a different bracelet, because, you know, one of a kind paintings cost more then NASA photos under glass.

Shit Went Down(tm) with the kids while I was gone, so the house level has ratcheted up another notch. O did have her first Home Hospital teacher visit yesterday and it went okay, though, which is good. And we have some more referrals.

I have gotten approximately 16 hours of decent sleep since Friday, including the extra hour I got this morning by sleeping through alarms.

If I just keep going and don't think too hard, it will all be okay eventually.

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