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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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cranberry countdown commences
O's "home hospital" schooling will commence on Monday, which is both a stressor and a relief. I am so glad I won't be in charge of her education for a while, but um, gonna have to keep a little more on top of doing dishes. (I hate having an open plan kitchen. I double hate that ours is RIGHT NEXT TO THE FRONT DOOR. Whose idea was that?)

I am powering through prep for GeekCraftExpo, which is good, and I might get 75% of my to do list actually done for it, which is good (there is a magic to lowering expectations as show dates near, especially in the matter of improving booth displays). And we're gonna go see Thor: Ragnorok, which is also good though I didn't necessarily mean we should go see it ON Thursday afternonn which we apparently going to Bellevue to do, because, well, most theaters aren't open that early.

There was good-looking cranberry sauce at the store. Now I just need to find somewhere to source some good turkey. I can make potatoes, if need be, and gravy isn't that hard. Oh, and pie. There must be pie.  But we're basically forgoing any significant celebration of Turkey Day this year.

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