my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk


 Last night's show went almost spectacularly well; I will need to make a bunch of new stock for next weekend, and of fun things to paint (2 inch cabs!), and when I run my P/L by sales mode for the year, in-person shows are finally in the black (vs. convention art shows and online sales, which have much lower expenses and so only rarely go negative.)

I didn't get home until almost 2, though, which means sleeping until almost noon, which means that the to do list for today is going rather slowly. And my guts are making horrific noises that imply that the intestinal bug that laid R and D low for the last three days was polite enough to wait until the show was over, but not kind enough to pass me by altogether.

When I got home, D had curled up in one of my pajama shirts because it is warm and soft and comforting due to "smelling like me". I feel like I should just get a wardrobe of shirts I wear for a few hours a day so I can hand them off to the children when they are in distress.

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