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my patronus is a basilisk

holiday countdown continues

I got imminently due album #2 90% done today and then the client stuck 5 more images into the source folder, but without a note as to what she wants done with them. Gah. I really, really, want all my album designs out the door by Friday morning, so they aren't on my mind when I go into art mode. 

I know I also did other things today, but other than driving O to and from Japanese I can't remember what they were. Bookkeeping? That there is still too much to do, and not enough brain to do it with.

Meetings with the school have been set up about getting O better set up with , so that's moving forward yay.

A set of weight "bars" that are between 1 and 5 pounds have arrived , which means I can properly start the kids on some strength training they both desperately need. Even unloaded, overhead pressing my (not full-size) barbell turned out to be just not something they can safely do yet, and it's too heavy to be useful, even if technically possible, for starting the other major lifts.

I have a sketchbook full of new statement piece designs but no time/place to even crank out more of the basics at the moment, though I have plenty enough stock that no one else could look at my table and think there are gaps. I am still hopeful I will have some done in time for GeekCraftExpo, though. Definitely I should have at least one spectacular thing to send to Arisia, in the worst case

This weekend is the first of my 5 holiday shows, with 4 being in a row and then there is one "off" weekend before the last:

I'm probably not, given especially the last minute addition of PRFM, going to be getting stuff listed on artfire/etsy, so if you want to ask about what I have, just e-mail me. I have pulled all the earrings that are nickel-free alloys off the table now that I have enough stainless steel ones made, so they will go up online for sale in some form... sooner than the rest? Perhaps another instagram sale...

Lulu is starting to show her age a lot more; jumping up on/down from the bed has become a much more careful, multi-step process, and we are not convinced she still actually has much in the way of hearing. She is 18, so this isn't unexpected, but is also sad. She'll go in for her "super senior" checkup soon. In silver lining department, this does mean that I could actually get an aquarium now if I can just figure out a good place for it, since her jumping up on top to try and catch fishies clearly isn't going to be a thing anymore. (Scare them by sitting next to it, staring, and tapping on the glass is still well within her capabilities, though. Maybe the aquarium should wait some more .... )

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