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my patronus is a basilisk

Jury Duty

There is no signal, but they haven't taken our phones away yet. We're
waiting for selection. I, like a doofus, brought nothing in which to
write/doodle, have almost no books downloaded, and no games on this phone
that don't want a connection. I have been making really REALLY rough new
jewellery designs using the frankly pathetic drawing tool built into the
Android gallery program, and writing emails in Gmail (like this one) that
will all squirt out into the world once the phone reaches the land of data

I am so bored. Bored bored bored bored bored. And frankly a little bit
worried I won't get dismissed, because it seems like I might not have a
good enough reason to get deferred now and I have a zillion things to do in
the next two days to get new pieces ready for Pagan Pride this weekend,
plus needing to drive kids many many places. Just checking the "connection
to law enforcement" box was apparently not enough to get auto dismissed,
and for all I know it's a civil trial. The jury instruction video talks a
lot about appreciating our sacrifice of time and life difficulties
resulting from service.

Boredom abounds.

The racial makeup of the jury pool does seem pretty reflective of the over
30 population of this zip code, though definitely age wise it's trending
older, because who else has time to sit on a jury?

The information guides about jury duty and court processes are from 2000
and 2008 respectively, and the one from 2000 is so many generations of
photocopy descended from the original as to be nigh illegible.


The jury instruction video discusses the "slow, careful, deliberate nature"
of the court multiple times, which is to say, there will be so much sitting
and waiting. I've already been here two hours.


Results: if the defense had used their last preemptory, I would be on that jury right now. I am somewhat suspicious that he did not USE his last pre-emptory because it would have put me in the box; he was VERY interested in info about my Dad being a former prosecutor and family court judge.  I am grateful not only to have the time I need back, but also sitting on a domestic violence case jury is really not something I wish to experience.

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