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my patronus is a basilisk

two weeks until the onslaught

I think as far as show schedules go, given everything else going on in my life (which is kind of a lot) I'm going to apply for the one-day show that's two miles from my house in mid-December, and other than that the schedule is as full as it will get. December, business-wise, I think will either be collapsing for several weeks (hopefully not) or if I am not collapsed and the rest of life is at a manageable level, putting up all the things up online and maybe pushing head a little faster on the backlog of prototyping/technique learning (I have epik planz involving fluid art techniques and acrylic skins and layered plexi, but that requires physical and head space I just don't have yet.)   I have been vacillating for weeks about which of five possible shows to apply to in December, all of which had evenly balanced pro/con lists, so this decision frees up a few brain cycles.

So my show schedule for the rest of the year is:

September 30-October 1 - GeekGirlCon (Seattle)
October 7-8: Puget Sound Pagan Pride Festival (Tacoma)
October 15: Galaxaar Pop Culture Marketplace (Issaquah)
*pause for breath and restocking and also my intense PTSA project is usually in early October*
November 11: Artisans Harvest Fair (Snohomish)
November 18: Pancakes & Booze (Seattle)
November 24-25: GeekCraftExpo (Seattle)
December 2: Cascade Winterfest (Shoreline).

and then either done, or December 10th at Lake Forest Park Farmer's Market.

PLUS I'm mailing work to convention art shows:

September 22-24: FenCon (DFW)
October 6-8: Contraflow (New Orleans)
November 17-19: Orycon (Portland OR)
November 27-29: ChessieCon (Baltimore)

(the realities of shipping mean that both FenCon and Contraflow are effectively done for me already, as the handoff to USPS already occurred.)

I am still making lots of things, because I am low stock on most of the things, so basically I'll be going at a dead run through Thanksgiving weekend. I am also managing O 24/7 now since we are technically homeschooling at the moment (it's complicated). I expect I will get to take teacher off my list of responsibilities by November, but it is all very very much up in the air right now.

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