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I finally decided what cards to add so my card rack will be full-ish as holiday show season commences, so that's done; Nigella Nebula and a revised Planet Eater for full on space, and I decided that two straight nature photos of anemones (the creature, not the flower) were sufficiently alien looking in shape and color that they'd blend.

(I hadn't posted before anywhere "public" that Asteroid Forest was a card, which is why it is in this picture, which is from my instagram post)

5x7 and blank inside, as always. @ me if you want first dibs.

My attempts to make robots trudge up the side of the "dunes" of some of my tulip macros failed miserably. Le sigh.

The new "Viewing Platform" piece I posted a draft of yesterday will probably be a card eventually, but I've done some more revisions since then (more glowy things!) and I need to be sure it's actually DONE before I make cards. It seems to still need something. Probably more glowy things. It turns out I do still have the original Vue file, though I can't get it back to the correct camera position, so maybe that will become useful.

Here are the anemone pics:

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