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This is a long shot, but....

So I bought a proper greeting card rack for my table! It spins! It looks super professional! It has twelve slots!

I have ... less than twelve images actually on cards. And some of those just do not sell in this form, as in I got the initial trial set of 4 done years ago and still have some left after a zillion shows.

So I need to print more before GeekGirlCon, and if any of y'all that actually remember my (flat) art can think of any that you think would be a good card, I would super appreciate hearing about it.

(I could, theoretically, print some of my awesome floral macros & landscape photos which are really good as cards, and I might put up in my online shop but... kinda not fitting the whole "Cosmic Arts" space/scifi branding so doesn't make sense to put them in the spinner. If I could figure out how to magically co-brand my nature photography with my space art it would be so pleasing but I don't think its gonna fly, and that would take a lot of space, no pun intended.)

The odds, in my current state, of finishing any new pieces in time to have cards made of them is exceedingly low; I do think more "animals in space" to join the kitty and the koi could be good, and have some half-finished things that might get there eventually with belugas and jellyfish. They've been half-finished for over five years, though.

This is what I have now that are worth showing:

Eclipse (best seller #1)

How Cities are Born
How Cities are Born (best seller #2)

Asteroid Forest
Asteroid Forest (new, first piece from the Alchemist's Orchards series I've done as a card)

Pilgrimage (probably not going to print more when this runs out, because it really needs to be bigger so you can see the belugas to be effective, but it's fine taking up a slot currently.)

Coalesce/She Makes the Stars

Cosmic Cat
Cosmic Cat

Space Koi
Space Koi


These are the ones that are retiring

Throne of Fey
Throne of Fey (which I am kind of glad stopped selling as a card or a print because I'm tired of looking at it after all these years.)

This does sell occasionally, but at this point is too off-brand to really show and doesn't sell *that* often.

I have most of my sci-fi/fantasy pieces up on the old portfolio site here but haven't added many to the new site. Some of them are kind of embarrassing now, really. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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