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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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thank you, pinterest
Today I made (dirtying every mixing bowl in the house) gluten-free sandwich bread that actually has the taste and texture of real bread, and cherry almond pie/crumble bars, also gluten free, which are warm and crumbly and substantial in a way that very little gluten-free food we've managed so far has.  Baked goods, particularly bread, are vitally important to my emotional health.  It's the mouthfeel and the volume, I think, that make it so comforting.

So far, no one seems any perkier, but we're only a few days in, and the elimination challenge is for another three weeks. So it is still possible that the household will need to become gluten-free, but now I have hope that if that happens, I won't kill anyone for lack of comfort food.

The recipes in question:

Cherry Almond Bars -- this is not written as a gluten-free recipe, but I subbed in off the shelf GF flour for the regular flour and it worked fine

Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread by Life After Wheat This was so superior to everything else GF I've tried that I think I'm going to try her custom GF flour mix recipe instead of store-bought next time. (Also, dear lordy GF store bought things are so expensive; making it from scratch is a pain but definitely cheaper.) This entry was originally posted at http://jeliza.dreamwidth.org/1011078.html. Please comment there using OpenID.