my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

 We're now through a week of the slow ramp-up to elimination diet (which is going to be extended a day or two, because the haze and heat has been making Dan sick, and that's not a good baseline to start from. My pantry is all ready, and the skeleton of meal-plan is too, so that's nice)  So there has been no fast food this week, though we did Pagliacci once and Panera once, and a significant reduction in sugar and caffeine. I hate cooking all the time, but I am noticing that I feel a bit steadier; fewer energy crashes, and the kids seem a bit better too. Less whiny, maybe? I might be projecting, but we'll see.  I'm masked their reduction in treats a bit with unlimited sugar-free popsicles, which I would have done in the heat anyway.

The house is also getting progressively nicer to be in with the massive decluttering; I'm basically putting my business on hold to try and get as much done as possible before September, which is frustrating on the one hand but I think will be worth it for the reduced stress level.

Just sent off a batch of work to an art show where they are sufficiently disorganized that I am at this point going to be shocked if I see a profit. Small cons are not necessarily bad sales cons, but I'm just not that sure they have their shit together to promote the show to the attendees. I mean, it's cheap, so it won't be as irritating as MidAmericon 2 (which closed the art show Saturday AFTERNOON, which means a ton of people never got to go, and sales were affected exactly how you would expect, and at Worldcon art show prices, it was extra infuriating.)

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