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6 things make a post.

I am not convinced that Duolingo is a good match for my learning style, mostly because the way they check comprehension is so easy to just guess if you are good at "testing" as a skill set. But I'm doing it in sync with D, so I will stick with it -- and maybe find a little bit more traditional book to do on the side. I would like the complete set and conjugations of "to be" in a nice chart I can memorize sequentially, please, not dribs and drabs.

Once again my "what I/we will get done this summer" projects have run up against the reality of just how often I or the kids feel sick. And the projects we are trying to do will likely *help* with that, but ... it's a bootstrapping issue. Bleh.

I made what are basically the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had, right before we're gonna go on various *-free restrictions of course, but I'm sticking the link here for later because they were AMAZING if you like your cookies chewy and with a high proportion of chocolate. I actually found these on a different food blog, totally thought they were her developed recipe the way she was talking about it, and then down at the bottom in really small type found the link to *that* blog post... which at the bottom gives the recipe source as Cook's Illustrated. How many food bloggers are actually making serious cash just making new photographs of someone else's recipes? Hmph.

I have a show on Sunday!  The Made in SnoCo Festival out in Snohomish, part of Kla Ha Ya days. I think it will be fun; I've never worked with this coordinator before and I like her vibe even though it isn't a geeky show.  It's a proper handmade show, no direct sales folks. While I am not technically in Snohomish County, she gave me a quiet exception because I am so close to the county line.

I got my box back from NorthAmeriCon, this year's NASFIC in Puerto Rico. Even though the ASD mentioned I sold well, I had very low expectations once I heard that only 200 people were there (why so few? OMG, I expected it to be massive, because PR is so cool, and WorldCon is in Finland, which is so very far.)  ... and almost a third of the 40 pieces I sent sold. I think in the general case, WorldCon is my people, art sale wise, and I'm gonna call my mediocre sales at  MidAmeriCon last year the aberration -- I mean, they closed the art show at like 4 pm on Saturday, so that's going to eliminate a huge number of sales right there.  I am resisting the urge to trying to extend that to getting a dealer table at WorldCon in California next year, though, 'cause I am not convinced it will scale. Actually, the amount of stock of my mostly $20-$30 wares I would have to sell to cover costs for the show, the hotel, the gas.... yeah, no.

I am researching online schools for O, which are oddly hard to find, and for many of them once you look for reviews other than the accolades they post on their site, there is not only a ton of negatives, but negatives that are things that would be particularly bad for O. Odds are unfortunately high that we'll end up at a school that basically requires me to be an assistant teacher 4 hours a day, which is so UGH DO NOT WANT.

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