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I just got back from a two hour intro to Inkscape class of a fairly "drink from the firehose" style, but given that I already had some background in graphics programs I think I caught most of it. We did not end up addressing exactly how to do files for the laser cutter, since the makerspace's laser cutter isn't quite set up yet, but he introduced us to the whole program pretty much, including all the bits that are not at all relevant to lasers (like, oh, color?)  I accidentally made what would be the top half the character design for a really cute comic while messing with the curve tool, and the idea of having easily *cleanly* repeatable and reproducible figures brings all the comic ideas bobbing up to the surface again, but I so do not have time.

We've set a goal of having the house, or at least the first floor, visit-able by the end of the month and I think we might actually achieve it? Which would be awesome. I suspect I may be carting many boxes of books to the buy counter at Third Place. We have SO MANY BOOKS. (Also so much yarn, but that's more of a find somewhere else to store it issue at the moment.)  If we can get rid of about two bookcases full that would allow some wonderful space rearrangement to happen, and, well, I really have a lot of books from previous phases of my life I no longer have any interest in. And a lot of them are art books, and therefore large, so I'm hopeful.

Also a shelf worth of outdated pregnancy/parenting of tiny people books that are gonna get recycled. What to expect .. books which were both horrible and full of out of date stuff at the time might get burned.

My prop "closet" is going away as well. Lots of billowy and or shiny dresses for people very much not my size.  Maybe some of my lights?
And then there are the remaining dozen boxes from when we moved here thirteen years ago... This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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