my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

Oddmall day 2 was not as bad as day 1, in that it was slightly less deserted, but the uptick still wasn't enough to even get me to table fee. I haven't absolutely ruled out the December show, but I'm not rushing to register, either. At the moment the only other shows that weekend are not really viable, though. Of course, there is no rule that I have to do a show every weekend in December, either.

Monday I was a complete and total wreck. It felt like recovering from heat exhaustion, though it wasn't *actually* that hot, and I got pretty much fuck-all done other than watching bake-off. We took the kids to see My Neigbor Totoro on the big screen that evening, though, and that was absolutely wonderful and made me feel so much better on so many axes. We're going to try and go to all of the films as they show over the summer -- Kiki's Delivery Service is next.

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