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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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Oddmall, day 1
Other events happening this weekend:
  • Seattle Pride
  • Urban Craft Uprising
  • Shoreline Arts Festival
  • Greenwood Car Show
  • Everett Makers Market
  • and at least one other thing I am forgetting
Given that, it shouldn't be too surprising that yesterday's Oddmall was not well attended.  The weather is also some people's definition of gorgeous, which is to say 90 and sunny, which also reduces some people's desire to go inside to shop for weird things.  Hopefully tomorrow, when two of those things will no longer be happening, and which will be hotter, will be better.

It does make a woman grumpy to get up at 5 a.m. to go make negative money, though.  Hopefully today will be better.

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