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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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Oh hai bizness
It's pretty much the busiest season, art-wise that I will have this year -- maybe the winter holidays will be busier, but I don't have those shows booked yet -- and so of course there is a sudden outbreak of album clients.  Couldn't happen during the lulls, that would be way to convenient. I'm absolutely pleased to have the clients, but lordy, I am going to need epic time management to handle albums AND shows AND kids at home for summer break AND major house projects AND (theoretically) building up online shop presence AND getting more large/complex pieces done. Wheeeeeeeee!

My next 5 weeks of shows:
This coming weekend is Oddmall in Everett, three weeks from now is the Made in SnoCo Festival. I am mailing to InConJunction, Convergence, NorthAmeriCon (which I REALLY want to have some showstoppers for, since it's effectively WorldCon) and Confluence.

After that, perhaps luckily, I won't have another in-person show until GeekGirlCon at the end of September, (which will be followed by Pagan Pride the weekend after, and Galaxaar the weekend after that. I ... didn't realize that I'd booked myself three weekends in a row.) I think there are 4-6 con art showsbetween July and October, but they are more spaced out.

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