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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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instagram cross-post
New things! Bracelets set in bronze, for you warm tone loving folks, new haircut courtesy of @sissyprettylove and new "jumbo paperclip bookmark" 🔖 settings -- I am still deciding if I will paint on these directly, or attach cabochons. The bracelet will definitely be at @pancakesandbooze on the 3rd, but prototyping is unpredictable so stay posted on whether or not bookmarks will be there. I will also be staying to post more stuff for sale online -- do folks have an actual preference for #artfire vs #Etsy vs a shop hosted on an artist's website? I am trying to decide where to concentrate my efforts. (If no one cares, artfire wins, because they charge me less than etsy, and I am still figuring out woocommerce so the shop on my site won't be online for a while.)

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