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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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(no subject)
I'm thinking about naming -- subtitling, kinda? -- my space jewelry/art biz "Cosmic Arts". Just my name is proving insufficient for branding/signage purposes. (Darn Gilliam for taking my previously unique in the world name and making it a movie reference.)

So.. "Cosmic Arts by Jeliza"? ( "Jeliza's Cosmic Arts" feels corny.) "Jeliza: Cosmic Arts"?  (Could aslo be Space Arts, except there is scifi that isn't spacey, and I want room to be get abstract.)

I have lost all perspective and would appreciate your opinions.

(And yes, I also posted this to twitter and fb.) 

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"Stuff and Things by Person Name" doesn't have a great sound to me, I'm not sure exactly why, but it reads to me as smarmy or self-inflating, like it's assuming people previously know who Person Name is. I don't know if other people take it that way.

Another option might be "Jeliza Cosmic Arts"? It's plain old brand naming form, nothing special, just doing its job.

When big brands do the "Target by *insert designer I've never heard of*" name thing I am a also meh about it.

I'm not really a fan of any kind of not-just-me name at all, but right now it's a big issue when shows are trying to promote their vendor list, or having a sign that convinces people to cross the aisle to my table at a show. I might vary the visual weight of CA vs Jeliza depending on the usage; my business cards have enough pictures to be self-explanatory.

FB overwhelmingly went for Cosmic Art by Jeliza, so I'm just gonna go with that and stop worrying about it. (And move on to worrying about the fact that the font I've been using for everything is in fact totally crap for signage.)