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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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etsy is vexing
Every time I think I know which way I should jump with Etsy, they change something again and it is so irritating. They are now requiring we sign up for Etsy 'Direct Payments" which means that they get to hang on to the money for up to a week (and make interest on the float, natch.) rather than it going straight into the bank, and if you don't agree they'll shut down your shop.

I already hate the nickel and dime fees, and know that at this stage in the game, Etsy pretty much doesn't bring customers to you, especially in a hyper-saturated field like jewelry. But people at the shows also always ask if I have an Etsy, and some have started to "follow" me there.. so I am torn. And frankly, if I want to make this work without having to expand into outdoor shows, I need to get online sales going like gangbusters. Apparently one of the keys to Etsy success is to have, like, 100 listings? And I have seen the phenomenon that when I sent someone to my artfire shop to buy an accidentally abandoned con art show piece, she ended up buying an additional one, so that makes sense. But... listing fees. (I don't pay listing fees on Artfire, and listlings don't expire, either.)

I will probably eventually set up a proper shop on my website, but my first attempts were non-optimal, and people do trust Etsy... gah.
 Business is annoying. Marketing is stupid, I just wanna make stuff.

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Etsy is like quick sand, once you get in you might never get back out. I can't tell you the amount of times I've told people, even friends and family, COME TO ME DIRECTLY, and they buy from Etsy. At this point i've been there about 10 years so it feels impossible to get away from. I kind of hope they go down sometimes but then I'd probably be fucked.

I've heard the whole it's better if you have more than 100 listings, the more the better! But who the hell knows if that's Etsy talk or real anymore. I can't tell what my view/likes are going to be from day to day anymore, let alone anything long term, because they change things so often. It's just a mess. But I have no alternative for you, most people are in the same boat. Sorry!