my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

Science Fair fail

All the experiments use the same description. Just light a match under the peanut, it'll burn, they say.

We cannot get ours to light. Even chopped into smaller and presumably easier to ignite pieces, sitting in a piece of aluminum foil that would presumably keep heat going. Nada.  Admittedly, it's outside on a cold and damp day but huh?

We have discarded the matches and moved onto one of those gas powered lighters. If that fails ... I guess the propane torch, but I'm really not sure that won't obliterate the results. We don't want to do it inside the house because apparently burning peanuts smell horrible, but ... that might have to happen.

And did I mention this has to be done by tonight?  (I mean, I suppose we *could* try it at the place we're going to on vacation, but they would probably kick us out.) 

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Tags: parenting, science

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