my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

Norwescon 40 schedule revisited and so forth

I have a much lighter schedule than usual, which I think will be nice but also seems strange. I think being really busy is part of how my introvert self deals with the intensely social environment that is the convention. vc

I also have a very careful diagram which assures me that I can in fact fit 4 pieces of flat art and 51 pieces of jewelry on my panel + 1/2 table in the art show. Which ... I hope I did right? The table is going to have more space taken up by bid sheets than it will by jewelry! (bid sheets are a quarter page. rings are... rather smaller.)

My public (non-workshop) panels:

Escher Girls and the Hawkeye Initiative, Evergreen 1 and 2, Thursday at 9 pm

This is usually a lovely mix of hilarious and infuriating, with panelists from both the Art & Comics tracks

How to Critique Art, Cascade 9, Friday at 7 pm

Creativity and Disabilities, Cascade 11, Saturday at 10 am

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