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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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Today O and I went on a rite of passage outing to the "Naked Spa" (you have to be 13, I had to actually bring her birth certificate since she doesn't have a school ID that indicates age.) Seeing that women come in a very wide variety of shapes is, I think, a very useful thing for a girl at this age. Or any age, really, but particularly now.  

We got pedicures, which I have never done before, and my feet have never been this fancy in my entire life. Putting my fussed-over and polished feet back into my well-worn sneakers felt weird. And as a bonus, my shoulder which has been almost useless for the last three days is now MUCH improved. Bummer that it's expensive enough that just bopping in on a whim to sit in the 104 degree tub isn't a thing I can really do.

I really, really want out bathroom redo done. And a soaker tub. What we're planning will possibly reduce the value of the house, but I don't care as long as it works better for us. Unless we leave the country, I expect us to be here at least 9 more years.

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