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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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the bazaar in the hinterlands
So I did my first high school bazaar, in the not-downtown-wilds-of-Marysville and it was, um, not good. As in I didn't sell anything not good, which had previously only happened at a show where there were basically no customers. These were not My People. (For one thing, there weren't any high schoolers there, who do tend to like my stuff.) At least it was a cheap show, and part of the issue was getting stuck in the 2nd floor room, but... I think I may give one other school bazaar a shot (though I do well at Cascade, but Cascade has lots of geeky families) and then probably knock that off the list of things to pursue for a while.

I did learn still yet more things about how to and how not to put together a booth in a 10x10 space. Despite the maker's market's encouragement for me to bring my nature photography as well, I just don't think there is much of a way to do so that isn't really brand-diluting. Maaaaaaybe I'll have a specially labeled "garden show special" crate of prints for the Spring Craft Garden show, because theme, but really I think I'm going to push the sparkly space thing harder, rather than broadening.  Maybe somewhere along the way I'll do an entirely separate show of the massive macro flowerscapes, but together in one physical space just doesn't quite work.

The shrinky dink nightlight experiments continue -- this was supposed to be the easy cheap thing that would expand my line and price range! Um... no. At least so far, no to the easy, and given that it takes 1 full sheet of inkjet shrink film at $2/page to make just the plate for one nightlight, not cheap, either. I'm hoping to write that all up separately as a technique post, because wow do my results vary from a lot of the tutorials I found on pinterest, but I haven't had a really successful result yet, either.

There has been an out of the blue bump in albums, so at least financially I'm on track.

It is 2:30, and I have not had a real meal. I need to fix that before I pick up my probably angsty teen in an hour. Puberty sucks, and it sucks harder with health issues. Poor little squirt. (And I am so tired. But that's the job, right?)

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I knew going in there was a chance it just wouldn't click at all, which helped. It was also only $25, which is much less painful to have a bad show at than a $100 show.

Having a bad day at a "usually my people" event like a Makers Market is harder to handle.