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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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My @emeraldcitycomicon haul: pigeon boyfriend tote from Wendy Xu, 🎆signed 🎆 copy of the comic "my neighbor jiaojian" she did with Alyssa Wong which is really creepy and good, Natasha Alterici's Dinosaur book -- these I planned to get in advance, and I was an awkward fangirl at all of them which is frankly weirder since I am pretty sure I am old enough to be their mother(s). I may be 43 with teenage kids, but am clearly still not a grown-up. The Fowkes book was an awesome surprise -- he is a master of the kind of charcoal drawing I most aspire to do, and I had seen his videos, but the book was just published and I hadn't heard of it. Steven Universe & Cheshire Cat shirts were acquired for the progeny, of course. I need a nap. And if I go again, I am going Thursday or Sunday night.

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