my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
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 I went with B & A and assorted crew to the "Naked Spa" yesterday and went into the restaurant there for the first time, which is Korean food (because Korean Spa, natch) and now I want ALL THE PICKLED RADISH.

So I've been looking at inexpensive fermenting equipment on Amazon. Would I follow through on this? I dunno. But I do love pickled radish, and pickled ginger, and good sauerkraut...  which are not actually that easy to find.

This popped up in my pinterest and looks really cool (very moderne design, supposed to be super easy to use) but the amazon reviews are a bit mixed, while this super basic "thing you stick on top a wide mouth mason jar" has consistently good reviews, and appeals to my "not another big gadget to store" instincts.

(This microwave popper is close to defeating my "another gadget to store" instincts; we do the paper bag thing now, but I have a pretty uneven popping rate and the butter is really erratic, and making popcorn be a trivial snack for the kids to produce would be a big win) This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
Tags: base cookery

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