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 I am wide awake at 2:30am and I don't understand why. At this point I am hoping for a school snow delay so I can sleep in. 😴

So far all of King County's school districts except us and Seattle have either announced delay or full closure. We only have an inch or two of snow at our house, but the odds of a sheet of ice under said snow is huge.

There were some freaky flashes of light followed by what sounded like massive branches coming down on a metal roof, but I can't see anything new in terms of downed trees. Maybe it was weird thunder, I guess.

I would like the roads to be passable because I have an order to ship out (art for Capricon in Chicago) and R has a long drive planned for tomorrow. And realistically, the kids are already stir crazy and need time with kids besides each other.

If only it wouldn't affect the heat too, I could almost want the power to go out, so none of us could get trapped in our screens (or the news). I suppose I could "accidentally" power down the wi-fi

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