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I've been revisiting a lot of music from my mid20s, aka the feminist women with guitars period. The Indigo Girls have held up really well (especially in this time of protest), as have Dar Williams, Shawn Colvin & Mary Chapin Carpenter. Janis Ian is still awesome (god and the FBI is such a good album) Ani DiFranco ... the suck fairy definitely flung some fairy dust around. I guess it doesn't only work on childhood books and movies. (Then again, I had already not bothered to listen to Ani's last 4 million albums, so maybe it isn't that drastic a change.)

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Dar Williams is going to be remembered from our era in 50 years, is my opinion.

I don't know Janis Ian, queueing up...

While God and the FBI is by far my favorite album of hers, what she's actually known best for the song "Society's Child" which came out in 1965 and was about interracial romance and society's disapproval thereof.