my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

friday randoms

Today was root canal day! Woo.

And apparently becuase I am very special, I have an extra root on that tooth, so I get to come back for part 2 in two weeks. Yay.

After a rocky start, the kids seem to have gotten back to handling normal school stuff, though I need to get Dan to say "I have a migraine" instead of just groaning at me the same way he does when he's just sleepy, so I can actually get meds in him in time for him to be able to get to school on time. Getting the kids up for school is my little daily hell, as it takes multiple tries and their bedrooms are on different floors. There are no longer any morning people in our house, but I have to fake it or no one would get up before 10.  Dan used to be a morning people. The other three are super solidly night owls. I am an afternoon people.

So I do have a dreamwidth, jeliza, which I guess I get to learn to use since 75% of my friends are moving. There has always been a weird conflict between the account and the openID, though, so I've never really been able to use it for things like commenting. And omona isn't moving, so I won't be leaving LJ altogether. Maybe I'll be the weirdo that cross-posts from LJ *to* DW.

I am now level 25 in Pokemon Go, which means now I get Max Potions -- I should really spend more time battling at gums so I can actually, you know, use potions.

Men at Work's Cargo is still one of the best full albums I own. There are no bad songs, and the good songs are really, really good. I wore out my cassette.

No Restrictions is my favorite song, but I couldn't find anything official to link.
Tags: body, dailylog, music, parenting

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