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eve, "kate dillon"
my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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Hello 2017
New Year's Day. Woo?

I'm not making resolutions, exactly, but there are some things I've been working on already or wanting to do that I hope can have a New Year's push.

I ate a proper breakfast, which I made myself instead of acquired from a drive-through (I <3 my fave baristas, but it's not really a good use of budget or time.)
I went for a walk. A pokewalk, sure, and it turns out that the neighborhood loop that hits both pokestops and the gym is about 1.2 km, which is ... a little much right now? But hey, the recovery "legs up the wall" required in the aftermath counts as daily yoga. (We'll see. I'm hoping when it's less cold that this won't result in ouchiness, but if that continues, the walks will stop.)

I sent my box to Arisia yesterday, so I begin the year already having put my art out into the world, and in a business appropriate manner, because given the state of and the stresses involved with the album biz,

And before the night is over, I'm dying my hair dark blue again, becuase this normal hair thing really bums me out, especially since it ended up medium brown (the black dye faded what the hell) and it goes soccer mom super fast.