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(no subject)
Some folks are trying to resuscitate the old questions meme, given the recent uptick in LJ activity. So. Ask me three questions in the comments. I'll answer to the best of my ability. Then on your own LJ, invite people to ask you questions. Who's in?

(Deleted comment)
Jewelry making was pretty much a whim; I was on pinterest and saw a how-to for a nail polish ring on my feed and thought, hey, I have black and glitter, I could make myself a galaxy ring!... and then it just snowballed, especially after the first several failed attempts meant I started experimenting with things not in the how to. It's way easier to fit into the mom-schedule than regular art, too.

When Dan first came out, I was not suprised (and it was very ... not gradual, but there were distinct chunks, and they matched up pretty well with language stages. I am still worried about what that is going to mean for him in terms of how the world will treat him and possible medical stuff.

If it's a short term residency, like a couple of years, I think I might like to live in Italy, mostly because the food and the weather are lovely. Long-term, I can't quite imagine myself living anywhere but Canada or here.

What's your relationship with the kids like?
How do you explain your family structure to people who need to know?
Besides things involved in work, what do you do regularly for the simple joy of it?

I like this, I'll try to think of a good question soon!