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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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i hate retail-based adulting
My last pair of un-holey jeans joined the rest of the crew yesterday. And I don't care about a ripped knee for most things, but the inseam of the upper thigh is really not a good place for a while. So, mall. Where I tried on every pair of size 22 jeans JCPenny had, with no luck. Their "ana" in-house brand used to fit me perfectly, and now it ... super doesn't. I think they switched to a fit model who is more apple-y.  (This is especially sad because I have a gift card for Penneys.)

I ended up buying jeggings at Torrid. I don't really like jeggings, I mean, they are nice and soft, but they don't feel like jeans. But the only other cuts the saleswoman thought would fit my waist they didn't have any 22 regulars in. (However, if you wear Torrid's Short range, the northgate store is very well stocked with the S sizes, and a fair sprinkling of Ts.)  It is possible, given what meager selection was left at JCP, that some other 22 had rolled through earlier and bought all the jeans.

The mystery of the water coming from the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom has been resolved, hence I concluded my day by rolling up to Fred Meyer at 9:30pm and purchasing wd-40, all the towels on the clearance shelf, and a mini shop-vac. (Also chocolate, and cinnamon bears. because stress.) Woo!

But we know exactly what's wrong, and might be able to short-term fix it ourselves, and long term, we already knew we needed to tear the bathrooms out and redo them, we have for about 8 years now. I am not looking forward to our first real remodel, but having more than one entirely functional full bathroom get more important as the kids head into teenagehood anyway.

I miss Fred Meyer. Great store, and a stock of comfort snacks while you buy parts to fix whatever. (Inexpensive white goods and kitchen stuff is a bonus, too.)

I have shit luck with jeans in the store. I've had some good luck buying them through fullbeauty.com (used to be onestopplus). I haven't tried torrid jeans, but I keep hearing good about their clothes.

Pants shopping is the worst. A friend has the killer entrepreneurial idea of a store called "adequate pants" where you can go and find pants that aren't in any way faddish but will in fact fit you and don't look awful.

I'm currently getting most of my pants from the Duluth Trading company, which is mostly mail order (unless you happen to live near their stores.) They only go up to 20, but their sizing is particularly generous,* and they design all their pants so you can kick over your head. They also have explicit inseams.

Of course, breaking in a new mail order company is a painful process. They do have really excellent build quality.

* Like, their 18 is roomy on me, and I've put on weight since the last time you saw me. It's worth looking at their sizing charts, but even then, think roomy.

Build quality is a good thing. I am ... not sure how well these are going to hold up. We'll see.

I would so shop at "adequate pants" and also "women's clothes with real pockets"

Yeah, real pockets are their other specialty. I'm often now in the embarrassing position of having to take a moment to figure out which pocket I left something in because I just have that many to chose from. (Okay, lab coats to add to the confusion here.)

Of course, I just worked out that the fleeced lined Sugoi tights I'm wearing right now I've had for at least 17 years. Speaking of build quality. (But not pockets. Then again, I have five reasonable useful pockets in my other indoors layers, so I'll deal.