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random post-show thoughts

The show was good. I made a tolerable profit, and there are some things that clearly impeded sales that I can change quickly.

I did luckily (?) manage to NOT blurt out "hey, are you <famous person>?" right before said person gave my table a once-over and was clearly Not Impressed, so it was merely irksome and not embarassing.

It's kind of ridiculous how excited I get when I sell a print. After so long, to have people who don't already know me acutally get my weird little space fantasies feels more significant than when people like the sparklies. And it was even one of the Alchemists's Orchards series, which is weirder than the rest of my space stuff.
I need to figure out a better plan for handling my Reynaud's at shows; at the summer outdoor show I worked it was warm and I walked around a lot more becuase booth so it didn't flare up, but just mostly sitting at a table in a/c had my fingers and feet pretty fucked up.  I had the full on shakes by the time I got home, I guess from tired and cold.  Morroccan Mint Tea and Gin saved me, though.  There is this serious thermos that has been on my wishlist for ages that alledgedly keeps tea hot for two days, and I think it is time to acquire it and test that. (without the gin, becuase napping at the table is not a good look.)
I basically just spent all my profit from this show on more show fees and supplies. Whee. I mean, that's reinvesting and fine for where I'm at, it's just that I managed it basically by lunchtime today.

I will be at the next two Oddmalls (February in Lynnwood and May in Tacoma) and am filling out my spring convention list (added mail-ins to Louisville and Chicago, debating about RadCon)

I haven't unpacked yet. I have researched display systems that will improve my ability to sell prints and cards, and am about to make my peace with the realization that gridwall is going to be part of my life again probably.

I am now comitted to listing things in my &^&*SDF&*^ Etsy becuase everyone asks if I have one, and clearly people take the biz card home and just "follow" the listed shops. I might even put stuff in there before last show for the year, though I said I wouldn't post until after, becuase holy cow I have a zillion 1 inch square pendants and it turns out lots of people don't like that shape. There is no way on earth I'm going to sell 30 at the school show. (If I sold 30 necklaces TOTAL there, I'll be astounded.)  I'm not closing my artfire shop, though, becuase etsy is more expensive for sales.
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    Apparently I am anticipating summer, since dresses are suddenly interesting again. Though I have to shave my head to wear them, mostly.

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