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oh joy.
That little broken tooth issue I went in for today turned into a referral for a root canal (it's a molar, and my dentist refers those out. Which is not encouraging.)

He was hoping I would take their 8:45 AM Thursday morning opening but uh, no way. I am already sure I'll be scrambling until the last minute to get everything together for the show, plus my one current album in revisions.

(Heh. One current album. In November. When I am normally putting in late nights to get a glut of holiday deadline albums done. I think even if I hadn't decided to transition away from albums being my main thing, the market did it for me. Yay big companies with teams of designers in Peru & India who can charge 20% of what I do!)
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Ugh. It might be OK. Molars are just weird and hard to do, I'm told.

First of all, ugh! I am sorry.

Second of all, being referred out isn't necessarily a bad thing. Our general dentist is great, but he doesn't do root canals, because it's really a specialized skill set. You are better off with someone who does them all day.

I understand not being able to go on Thursday, but don't wait too long, because it can become infected and that's really painful and harder to treat.

Sorry about all the unsolicited advice, but my mom was the office manager for an endodontist for years. She worked there from 1978 until she retired a few years ago. I've had several root canals there, and I can tell you that while the list of things I'd rather do is very, very long, it isn't that bad. If you have questions or just want to gripe, get in touch with me, please! Wishing you an easy time of it. <3