my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

tomorrow we will pick up and fight. tonight we cry.

So barring a miracle, Trump is winning.

All the kids Muslim and Latinx school friends are going to go back to being terrified, and with cause. We've got Republican majorities in the Senate and House, so they'll probably manage to get the ACA repealed, which means half the people I know lose their insurance. Trump said he would have a Roe V Wade litmus test for Supreme Court justices, so outside of those states (like ours) where abortion is a protected right things will get really fucking dicey.  The number of LGBTQ legal protections that were by executive order rather the federal law are presumably toast. Let's not even talk about the "bathroom bills". And since Trump is a lazy asshole who was upfront when he asked Kasich to be his running mate that he wants the VP to do most of the work, we get Pence. Pence who tried to mandate that all fetuses who did not come to term for any reason must be given funerals. Pence who is pro reparative therapy including electroshock for lgbt kids. Pence whose eagerness to cut public health spending led to a massive spike in HIV infections in Indiana's poorest counties.

And we'll bomb the middle east EVEN MOAR that we were going to (continue) to do under Hillary.

And the already existing increase in hate crimes will likely mirror the Brexit phenomenon and massively spike.

Washington will be relatively insulated on most fronts. Except maybe if Trump follows through on the leaving NATO thing.  And my inherited nest egg (which I need becuase it's not like I can sock away a retirement fund from the not-very-much I make now) is already worth at least 10% less, and the market hasn't even opened yet.

I am so fucking sick right now.
Tags: politics

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