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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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tomorrow we will pick up and fight. tonight we cry.
So barring a miracle, Trump is winning.

All the kids Muslim and Latinx school friends are going to go back to being terrified, and with cause. We've got Republican majorities in the Senate and House, so they'll probably manage to get the ACA repealed, which means half the people I know lose their insurance. Trump said he would have a Roe V Wade litmus test for Supreme Court justices, so outside of those states (like ours) where abortion is a protected right things will get really fucking dicey.  The number of LGBTQ legal protections that were by executive order rather the federal law are presumably toast. Let's not even talk about the "bathroom bills". And since Trump is a lazy asshole who was upfront when he asked Kasich to be his running mate that he wants the VP to do most of the work, we get Pence. Pence who tried to mandate that all fetuses who did not come to term for any reason must be given funerals. Pence who is pro reparative therapy including electroshock for lgbt kids. Pence whose eagerness to cut public health spending led to a massive spike in HIV infections in Indiana's poorest counties.

And we'll bomb the middle east EVEN MOAR that we were going to (continue) to do under Hillary.

And the already existing increase in hate crimes will likely mirror the Brexit phenomenon and massively spike.

Washington will be relatively insulated on most fronts. Except maybe if Trump follows through on the leaving NATO thing.  And my inherited nest egg (which I need becuase it's not like I can sock away a retirement fund from the not-very-much I make now) is already worth at least 10% less, and the market hasn't even opened yet.

I am so fucking sick right now.

I got family in Texas I'm scared shitless for. (My uncle and his Latino husband and my aunt, who needs health insurance to live.) I think we in New England and the west coast are going to be relatively OK. Not so sure about everyone else.

(Deleted comment)
Eh... our current crop of "Republicans" doesn't give a shit about states rights when it comes to minorities they don't like/pushing an extremist Evangelical agenda. And they've spent the last four years trying to repeal the ACA and successfully undermining abortion rights; it's not clear Trump would have won if it weren't for the Voting Rights Act getting gutted and the resulting large scale voting suppression, which they didn't even pretend wasn't the goal. (Republican election boards flat out stating they are eliminating early voting and removing polling places in order to discourage minorities from voting. Utterly bald-faced.) I'm assuming we will get at least halfway back to where we were under W, which was bad.

I'm not trying to be too doomsday about it, but the last time we had a Republican president and Congress, they started the Great Recession. And I need to be prepared.

I hope to hell Obama does a recess appointment to the Supreme Court, and someone more liberal than the compromise candidate the Republicans had approved and now are refusing to even consider.

Definitely the relative safety of Washington State is a good place to fight from. I'm a lot more worried about my friends elsewhere, many of which were already struggling.

(Deleted comment)
I don't think actually wanted to be President -- I think this is a publicity stunt/advertising that overachieved. R thinks there is a chance that after he has to deal with the realities of the job that he might just bail. I can't decide if I want that to happen or not.

I think he definitely ramped up his race rhetoric to match what was working; I think his primary concern is money; he's definitely always been this sexist, though, and he did lose that lawsuit because he was systematically refusing to rent to black people. I think the direction he will go, ultimately, with who is flattering him the most.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, basically.

(Deleted comment)
Mourn, then organize. Mourning is definitely a thing, and that fear needs to go somewhere, but then we have to collect and look at the task at hand. I don't think intricate doomsday plans are that useful; we have some solid data about what is being targeted/has been targeted before, and have a guess where to concentrate our efforts.

We have to find a way to talk to at least our friends, even if not our enemies (that's advanced work I'm not sure I can do.)

(Deleted comment)
I really think Clinton got the numbers about right, when she said the deplorable Trump supporters were about half. It's not all. Might be as low as a third.

The way to distinguish is going to be to see who becomes disillusioned, and who doesn't -- and I don't mean they're gullible, but that they're getting what they want.

Unfortunately, Trump can't deliver on many of the decent grievances (pulling out of NAFTA won't roll manufacturing industries back in time), but he can deliver on a xenophobic attitude, social sanction for "un-PC" nastiness, and a pass for government Christianism. So I'll watch who's satisfied with what's delivered.

I have a slim hope that somebody like Susan Collins is going to decide this kind of Republican Party isn't hers anymore, declare herself Party of Lincoln, and caucus with the Democrats. But can you possibly scrape together three to flip the Senate? And she would take so much hate, it would be unreal.

Other than that, I think Pence shows how the deal goes: Trump gets what he wants, the pseudo-Christian right gets what they want. So many Republicans were willing to deal even when he was a losing candidate, I'm afraid few will resist now that they can say the people have spoken (and the elector mechanism). We'll see if it's enough.

At least people like McConnell made an immediate point of stating that the U.S. is committed to NATO. The Senate can't make Trump defend Estonia, can't pull his finger off the nuclear button either, but it's something.

Yeah, can anyone think of an example of the states-rights folks standing up for the rights of states to do something they hated? I'm not coming up with one.

I'm not afraid for my community and my kids, and I am very grateful to Seattle while knowing Seattle doesn't protect all its residents as much as me. I'm afraid for other people, who thought a place like Raleigh was a safe place to have a family. Wouldn't be wrong to focus on my immediate community if that were the way I could most effectively help, but for me I see more opportunity in a wider focus. It doesn't make me panic, not yet anyway, but it does make me give (um, tomorrow) to national organizations.

I am thankful for our bubble, though I know some folks are already feeling trapped. In other parts of the country, the expected hate crime spike went right on schedule, with bonus Kristallnacht references. Just like Brexit, although our Poles are probably safe, at least as long as they are men.