my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

I'm not even sleepy

I'm up past midnight and I've clearly had WAAAAAY to much sugar (probably all the tea with honey becuase my sore throat/cough is still brutal) but at least all but one thing on my to-do list is finally checked off?  Which is extra good becuase half of it was for a project that has a drop dead due date of Sunday (and many hours of work to do to finish it. I like to hit my school volunteer hour quota before Thanksgiving, apparently.)

Of course the thing that isn't checked off is "make stock every every day" since I have a full weekend holiday show in TWO WEEKS. For which I need to finish at least 20 christmas ornaments, a whole mess of jewelry, at least 3 light switch plates and, shockingly, I think I need to make prints. Becuase apparently when surrounded by all the sparkly space jewelry, my weirdo space digital art suddenly attracts people, and I actually ran out of the cat and eclipse prints. (I only print max 5 at a time, even though I think the edition is set at 50, becuase let's be real, this stuff doesn't move fast.)

I like paranthetical clauses way too much.

I have been listening to this song lots; it's technically kpop but it feels like something Natalia Kills would have done, or maybe even Lords of Acid?. There's swearing. And it's only partly sung in English, but you really don't need to understand it to get the song, it's nasty club nonsense with a rumbly hook.

Tags: brain, business, music

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