The age of aquarius

I got one new design finalized today that pleases me: pendants that will be cut custom with the person's natal triad.

Basswood pendant engraved with astrological signs

That was version 6, I think? Of a design first sketched three years ago.
After that, the rest of the day all my ideas came in two flavors: ugly or beyond my ability to execute, but I'm slowly working through an Illustrator textbook that should help with the second one at least.

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 It is wild how much easier the 36 hours of clear liquid diet got when I found out I could have gummy bears. It's weird to miss chewing so much.

Also, Black Forest brand gummy bears are pretty decent, not as soft as Swedish fish but not little rocks like haribo. 

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I am having a days where I have no idea what I am doing. Just at all. Keyboard shortcuts for photoshop I would swear could never leave my muscle memory after two decades of use just out to lunch, I had to hunt through menus.  I have no idea where I was filing my product photos. The brain is not along for the ride. Reading isn't even fun, but I don't feel depressed, just like my brain is out to lunch.

I hope this isn't an aging thing, but I suspect it is.

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Pancakes and booze and too many mouths

 My first post-cancer show went pretty well. I didn't manage to make anything new, but I had plenty of stuff from before and sold a pretty reasonable amount. 

I'm wearing a mask and distancing from family, though, because so many people weren't bothering to wear their masks correctly, including some just... holding them. With. I had a pretty hardcore n95 mask for the occasion and didn't eat or drink or do anything that involved breaking that seal  but I'm indulging in not quite paranoia. I used up all my talking to people energy for the week anyway. 

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I just joined ArtSnacks Mix (basically an artist-specific social media site, linked to the artsnacks subscription box which i also just signed up for) and the question of the day was "if you were an art supply which would you be?"

This is kind of an awesome question but I realized my actual answer was not something I should be using to introduce myself to a new community, and yet I kind of wanted to share. So, I think I would be compressed charcoal, which is intense and messy and makes art that doesn't lend itself to pretty, all tones and almost no clarity of line. That this is also one of my very favorite art supplies to work with, probably my favorite if my camera doesn't count, is I think because that's how I am, even though it is not what comes most easily technique-wise.

It continues to be hilarious to me that I finally have a semi-successful artsy career when I started making work that was non-representational and involves bright colors and glitter and no emotional underpinnings at all. Like the vastness and majesty of space (very me) but made approachable and cute (wut). All because I wanted an obnoxious ring, and just kept going.  

What art supply would y'all be?

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Basic af

I've been working on new designs and they are all cliche as hell,  familiar themes done in a slightly new way  and I can't decide if that's bad or not. Spare landscapes, howling wolves, etc against  starry sky and such is hardly new, but it is rather comforting, and my desire to set the art world on fire died quietly many years ago.

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I saw a coyote in the neighborhood for the first time in a decade yesterday. It wasn't all skin and bones like the last one I saw, but certainly wasn't plump. i've seen a fair number of our weird inbred bunnies around, which I assume are their major food source.

I've been sickly and headache-y pretty much every day since I got back from Santa Fe, which is irritating as fuck, especially since I need to limit my screen time, and I came back with new ideas to figure out and family photos to restore, the latter more urgent as my Dad has been in and out of the hospital a lot recently.  Hands are still not all the way healed, so I'm going to stick to the computer instead of trying to draw again. I think, but I really want to get back to having a major interest that isn't fandom.

That said, the Black Widow movie was fun, and the Loki series was uneven as fuck, but given that the next Marvel offering is my very favorite character and we know that at least a few episodes are pulled directly from the best run of the comics ever, I'm on board at least that far.  The new Leverage is, as expected, quite good. I am still confused that I have become a person who watches television again.

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Land of enchantment

Santa Fe is pretty, all blue sky and adobe buildings. Lots of public art, but so far it's just stuff we've seen from the car while settling in and erranding.

I've already gotten a bit too much sun, and the absence of significant bodies of water (the river is currently dry) messes with my head a bit, but it's a heck of a change of pace. 

The gluten free sections in the local grocery stores are amazing, which is good. We got a place with a kitchen because traveling with a kid who has celiac and food texture issues means eating out is close to impossible. 

Tomorrow we're going to the international folk art museum, the kids are really excited about the exhibit on Yōkai.

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 My thumb was feeling decent today even if my wrist is a bit dodgy, so I spent some time doodling on adobe sketch which was really frustrating until I realized that I was in "wet watercolor brush" mode, which is really cool and makes up a bit for the fact that the brush on my 4 in 1 stylus is only registering intermittently. Having the spreading effect to counteract the perfect roundness of the regular end of the stylus made it feel a lot more comfortable. I didn't make anything but a mess, picture-wise, but I'll take anything at this point.
I want to get back to the pencil drawing class soon, but I can do this with a lot less pressure on my hand. 

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goddamn diet culture

I went to look for ways to treat myself -- a gold star equivalent -- for doing some ugly, yucky stuff, so I searched for "non-food rewards" because
  1. I already know that chocolate and cheese exist.
  2. After cleaning out truly stinky stuff I don't even want to think about food.

Even though I specifically did NOT take the drop down suggestion of "non-food rewards for weight loss" I got ... page after page after page of non-food rewards for weight loss.  Which I really do not want to look at right now, even if they might have good ideas, because I'm not particularly happy with my recovering body, and don't need further reminders that it is in a state society finds shameful  (Yes, I know that's 99% bullshit, but having the energy to remember that when I've not got energy to spare is just ugh.

I eventually used enough google-fu to find lists of "rewards that don't cost money" from the frugal lifestyle sites, which were slightly helpful and would be more helpful if it weren't a pandemic and if I were in better health, and some habit/organizing site lists that had things besides food. The "go to a drag show" suggestion made me both laugh and side-eye. But I really should not have had to come up additional queries to get them.

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