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This is a long shot, but I know I shared the recipe for the super awesome gluten free dairy free chai spiced snickerdoodles with several people, and now I can't find it. I've got a ton of similar ones on my pinterest, but have to make cookies for school and would much rather use a dependable recipe. 

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I'm clearly getting old
I resorted to a can and a half of Monster energy drink to make it though the Pancakes and Booze show (we tore down at 1 am) and was basically completely wrecked for two days following. My body appears to be almost entirely done with bubbly caffeinated drinks, so I need to come up with a new strategy before the next late night show, and frankly, a new strategy for handling the regular shows as well -- I won't be up past my bedtime when I vend at GeekGirlCon (table #804! Near the back!) but they are pretty much 12-14 hour days with no real breaks.

As long as I am talking shows, the rest of my schedule after GeekGirlCon (still waiting to hear back from one more show) for in-person shows is:
November 24-25 - GeekCraftExpo, Seattle [FREE but only if you register for tickets in advance]
December 1:- Cascade Winterfest, Shoreline (free)

December 15: Georgetown Holiday Market, Seattle (free)

Instagram cross-posting continues to fail, so here are the new pretty things in general and new designs in specific:


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an unexpected expense
I thought the people on the celiac forums were exaggerating about needing to get rid of all their kitchen stuff. 


So now we need a new toaster, cutting boards, a fair chunk of cooking utensils, cast iron pan, etc, and basically a special "no gluten zone" where anything porous or with small parts will live (on what counter space I have no idea yet). Which isn't EVERYTHING, but we use the hell out of our toaster oven so it should be a decent one, and since contamination is the issue, I can't turn to Goodwill like I usually do in such instances.

I have been using the "SimpleBlocker" chrome extension a lot so that I can ensure I go 8 hours without twitter/tumblr/etc since I am on hardcore deadline hell at the moment -- show tomorrow night, and I needed about twice as much stock as I had made as of two days ago. It makes me a little twitchy, since twitter is how I talk to my friends throughout the day, but there is only so much exposure to politics I can handle right now and stay functional.

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pinterest learning, volume 367
Apparently there is a whole body of recipes designed to "use up leftover Cream of Wheat". 

How ... how do you have leftover cream of wheat? It only takes 3 tablespoons to make a bowl. 

I understand why you would have recipes using it because cream of wheat is hella cheap, but ... "leftover"?


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This morning, driving through the crisp first day of October air, I was stoked to hear the first chords of "Werewolves of London" on the radio, a perfect opening salvo of Hallowe'en music ... and then it turned out to be that Kid Rock song about summer.

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Moving furniture
So much more important things I should be journaling about, but I lack the attention span to write about anything emotional or complex, and lack the time to go through London pictures yet.

I have gotten the towers of hanoi moving in my room again, helped by the realization that the plan I'd been working from for several years was all about working in a medium I no longer do regularly, and my new needs are much simpler and cheaper to accomplish -- but still, everything in my space is moving, and woooooow it's amazing how much crapnel accumulates under beds. It's all rather terrifying looking right now, and there is a chance I will have to sleep on the couch tonight, but at least there is movement on something I need and that is under my control, and that counts for a lot right now.

I've got an external deadline for once, because I need to make a LOT of stock for my show on the 6th and then TONS for GeekGirlCon, and the space I was attempting to do it in has become basically impossible; when I finish this, which should happen by Monday night, my workspace will be waaaay more effective and ergonomic and have more storage suitable to art supplies.  I'll have a significant drop in privacy as a result until a not-in-my-control piece of furniture assembly happens, but I can live with that.

UPDATE: the furniture that was supposed to be here Monday will actually be here Thursday. And after moving the bed (piece #3) to its new position, I have discovered that I apparently mismeasured, and this plan will completely not work. Damnit.

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sad villi
The nurse just called, and we have confirmation on the celiac for D. Wheee. But, well, bad thing that has a known treatment, caught early, actually is a bit of an actual whee considering our general medication tribulations.

Now to get everyone else testing, and figure out how to make our food prep safe. Maybe that second kitchen downstairs will end up getting used as a kitchen after all (kitchen/makerlab, probably.)

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Wednesday in a normal week.
I didn't take my bullet journal to London, and it is remarkable how grounding it is to sit down and fill in the spreads for September. It's all there now, on paper, in my own handwriting, the appointments and the to dos and the habit tracker, and I've stopped feeling like I can't remember anything. My bujo is not the pretty kind, with different pen colors and washi tape and art journal pages, it's just a planner where every page is the structure that I need and not a publisher's idea of what works.

It is comfortingly efficient, and a return to routine.

And now I need to stop listening to Marina and the Diamonds on repeat because it's getting depressing, which does not help with the business of getting on with the day.

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(no subject)
 I thought I would be updating DW while we were away in London.


Hopefully it will get backfilled, but considering all the fires I've had to put out in the three days I've been home, and that I haven't even had a chance to download my photos yet, I'm not betting folding money on it happening soon.

My IFTTT recipe that cross-posts my instagram to here picked a crappy time to fail.

4 weeks is too long to be away from home.

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what is it about jerks and expensive cars?
When I was picking up D from camp one of the other moms backed into me (we had both been backing out, but when I saw her coming I hit the brakes and was entirely stationary when she hit me.) and she totally tried to play like it was my fault. She was downright snotty. I wish I was surprised at this attitude coming from someone with a recent BMW, but ... totally not. I didn't exchange info because it was only scratches (I was stopped, she was going maybe 2 mph) but I did take pictures. There is a 2 foot swath of scratch and paint transfer across the back of my car, from the middle of the back to the corner and only a few scratches on the corner of hers, which I'm pretty sure any halfway competent inspector is going to be able to look at and verify the physics involved.

I know it is unlikely anything will come of it, but it's just so irritating, and totally ruined my mood. And getting it fixed would cost more money than I want to spend on something as frivolous as car paint right now.

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