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Last updated: 19 July 2015

Unlabeled links are to spotify; pretty much only indie acts are on bandcamp/soundcloud right now, and pandora is kind of useless to link to. Spotify and Soundcloud are streaming; Bandcamp is both streaming and a way to buy directly from the artist (so they get a bigger cut than they do from itunes/soribada/etc.)

Note that Spotify has no clue how to deal with namespace collisions and so does not differentiate in a useful way between artists with the same name, so all the different "Primary" "infinite" and "Henry"s are grouped together in their interface. Also, some artists show up with multiple names. Not all artists are available in all markets.

Labels are listed alphabetically, with Hiphop, not-sorted-by-label rock & indie, and OSTs/Compilations at the end.
LJ has been "helpfully" doing things to the formatting, which I am trying to correct.
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sparkly things, part seventy gazillion
A box with alchol inks and little sheets of plexi arrived yesterday, which I am super excited about.  The inks in particular will let me add more watercolor-y (and consistently translucent) effects, since they stick to glass, and I am going to experiment with taking the mode I am working in with the jewelry and moving it up just a little bit in scale.

I should be taking advantage of the good weather to do ALL THE GLUING (e6000 will melt your brain cells, so I like to do it outside in a big batch) but keep hoping the settings that are currently stuck in customs will show up for about 10 pieces I don't know which setting will be best for. And if I glue them now, then the order will arrive and it would be overwhelmingly obvious that things that rectangles that were vertical should be horizontal and circles that are pendants should be bracelets. Wah.

I'm still struggling with how to take good photos of these pieces, both the final and in-process versions, but this is what I have so far for the current batch (LJ lets you post instagrams with the username and comments but not the description, or with the description but not the rest of the instagram info. This is really annoying to me):

Today's new crop of painted cabs. I am particularly pleased with the medium round one, which looks like black opal in person.

Today"s new crop of painted cabs. I am particularly pleased with the medium round one, which looks like black opal in person.

My first attempt at earrings! I am trying to decide between the silver and gunmetal settings.

They match more than this pic implies, as flash works very oddly on my pretties; the one on the left is more accurate.

My first attempt at earrings! I am trying to decide between the silver and gunmetal settings.They match more than this pic implies, as flash works very oddly on my pretties; the one on the left is more accurate.
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velveeta in its musical form
Yesterday Dan got to control the music in car during a long ride. So we listened to selections from the English soundtracks to the first few Pokemon movies, from the late 80s/early 90s.  It was so cheezy that even Dan couldn't last all the way through any of the songs. (Pikachu gets a theme song that was I think a merengue at one point.)

It was the Song of Jigglypuff that pretty much killed us:

(If it had just been jigglypuff singing, it would have been okay, I think.)

I'm just glad he didn't make it to the Christmas Album.

(seattle/snohomish county) free flatbed scanner to good home
I am replacing my wonderful, sturdy, still entirely functional Epson Perfection 4780 Photo flatbed scanner -- it's from their old pro line, so has good resolution and Dmax, a 6 x9 transparency unit (which I have not ever used, since I have a dedicated film scanner), and while it is no spring chicken, it's never given me a minutes trouble. Works fine with Windows 7. Anyone need a scanner/know of an organization that could use such a scanner? The original box is long since gone, so I don't want to attempt shipping, it would need to be a handoff.

I just walked past the bathroom to make sure O was brushing her teeth and she was crouched ON THE COUNTERTOP about to turn the water on.


She just grinned at me. And then climbed down only stightly sheepishly.

(She's playing Audrey the shepherdess in As You Like It. Clearly born for comic roles.)

call for blood donation, and a heads up for my inked friends
eve, "kate dillon"
PSA for my inked NW friends: this morning when I went to donate blood this morning, they said a tattoo from a licensed artist in WA, OR and ID is now a three day deferral instead of a 12 month deferral.

The 4th of July tends to be a peak need time PLUS the heat wave is affecting supply particularly of O+, O- and A-, so please consider donating if you can (The ridiculous ban on men who have ever slept with men after 1977 is unfortunately still in place, against all the major Blood Centers wishes.)

Many mobile drives have had to be canceled because of the heat, but there are still appointment times at the regular centers, and they are open regular hours today: BloodworksNW (formerly Puget Sound Blood Centers)

double digits
My little boy is 10 today. How did that happen?

(for contrast, see icon)

So that's done...
The big ad went up this morning. I only threw up once waiting for it (I think I have a cold or something TOO, but I'm pretty sure that was a stress-vomit.)  It really shouldn't be scary at this point, considering how long I have been in business and how often I've done this, but I think since I'm having more "at what point is this business too much stress for not enough return" thoughts than before it feels like more is riding on it.  But they said nice things, and there are nice comments, and I had two inquiries immediately (which has not happened before) so I am relieved.

I should run ads more often if only because all the "update this part of the website sometime" and "take more product photos" tasks get caught up on.

if shaved head, then red lipstick = ok, else chapstick
PvZ purple beret
(this is mostly just noodling for my own benefit, since maybe if I write it down I'll have to think about it less.)

The weird silver lining of when my depression was less controlled was that when the world is dulled, I didn't care that much about how I present to the world as long as it isn't very feminine. Clothes must be physically comfortable, always, but hitting a more precise zone in the masculine/butch/unmarkedandrogynous/both-and-androgynous/womanlybutnotveryfeminine space isn't an issue. Given that I default to jeans+tank top+maybe a sweather and have visible boobs/hips, that last one is where I tended to land out of sheer apathy.

But when my mind is clearer, it becomes an issue.

And makeup has become amusing again, in a "drawing lines on my face" and "bright colors are my jam" kind of way.
And it is summer, when sundresses are just so damn easy (I am not made for heat. Also, I found nifty soft knit dresses which are super comfy.)
And I am starting to care about looking like not-a-slob more if I go out where people can see me. Even if it means that I dress like a 20something art student, I'd like to look like I'm doing it on purpose.

This means that I am having to devote far more processing cycles than I want to what else I am doing with presentation. Is the funny colored mohawk going to be sufficient to balance the dress AND lipstick? Do I need to shave my head completely? Are there even sandals that aren't ugly and aren't feminine (and can handle a lift) in the world or is my emotional comfort going to demand a summer of sweaty feet in boots/sneakers?

And does all this angsting mean I need to be pondering that whole identity thing again (seriously, I did my therapy time already), which seems in many ways pointless because whether the label is cis or gender-something, it will have pretty much no practical effect given how my life is structured?  Or are my appearance preferences just frosting that doesn't need to affect the flavor of the gender-identity cake, so I can just go think about whether I should concentrate on charcoal or digital drawing instead?

I really wish I didn't care. I have so many other things I could be doing with the brain time.

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izzard fairy
I don't want to adult. I want to play Civ 3 non-stop for hours.


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