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Last updated: 19 July 2015

Unlabeled links are to spotify; pretty much only indie acts are on bandcamp/soundcloud right now, and pandora is kind of useless to link to. Spotify and Soundcloud are streaming; Bandcamp is both streaming and a way to buy directly from the artist (so they get a bigger cut than they do from itunes/soribada/etc.)

Note that Spotify has no clue how to deal with namespace collisions and so does not differentiate in a useful way between artists with the same name, so all the different "Primary" "infinite" and "Henry"s are grouped together in their interface. Also, some artists show up with multiple names. Not all artists are available in all markets.

Labels are listed alphabetically, with Hiphop, not-sorted-by-label rock & indie, and OSTs/Compilations at the end.
LJ has been "helpfully" doing things to the formatting, which I am trying to correct.
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halp? should I make cards?
I (possibly unwisely) have two panels at Arisia, with the original intent to send just jewelry, but they said "please send prints too, we have these long hooks for mulitples, it'll be great" and suddenly I have two panels and yikes is that expensive for mailing in and it takes a lot of jewelry to fill up that much real estate (and cover costs)

But I don't actually have multiple prints of that many images, and part of my mailing-to-convention-art-shows again thing is that jewelry fits in a much smaller box, bringing shipping costs down to a place where it doesn't wipe out all possibility of profit. (Bless USPS flat rate boxes) So, I don't want to send anything bigger than, say, an 8x10.

However, the place I have had greeting cards made in the past is running a special until the 25th, so I thought, hey, I could do cards? Which I can print in sets of 4 for about $1.75 per card with teh sale on. (Sets of 25 bring that down to $1.40 per, but, um, that's a lot of cards.) Which I guess would mean pricing at $3, since convention art shows only do whole dollars.  I would probably have them in time for when i vend at Winterfest on the 5th.

But right now I hate all my genre artwork that doesn't involve glitter, and can't tell if it's a good idea or not. Any opinions on worth or the idea, and or which
would make good cards? I love my silly flowers/fish in space stuff, but oddly have only been able to sell them in non-convention environments (to anyone that isn't already a friend of mine.) I've got maybe half? of my genre work up on my website

Any word from the peanut gallery?

I've been inhaling bleach fumes for the past hour, which means my brain is fuzzy, judgment is impaired, and head is tipped with hideous spurs of pink.

I get my first results of mailing to a show either tomorrow or Tuesday; I have no idea if the box from Windycon is coming back full or empty or in between or what, just that it is on its way, and of course my brain is sure that Norwescon/Sasquan were flukes and nothing will sell ever again and I've wasted a huge amount of money and time. Becuase my brain is helpful like that.
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I made my crafting roll! But not my scheduling roll.
I was really excited that I successfully designed and executed cards for my necklaces that will contain the chains and look good when hanging, AND cajoled my laser printer into working with cardstock, and was all set to put the 22 pieces going to Windycon on them... and then realized that the afternoon photo session to document all the new pieces didn't happen yet.becuase chaos is the natural order of things around here. (I have to ship them by Saturday, so ... )

I really need good pictures, too, because I'm possibly going to be applying to juried things, and in general I need to put things up on the website that aren't nasty cell phone shots -- and glitter infused paint under glass is not exactly an easy subject.

Wah. I suspect Friday night might involve Red Bull. (We have hit holiday season in album-land, so I have three of those to design by Monday-ish, too, with somewhere between two and five on the immediate horizon.)

I don't think that means what you think in means
Phrase I have seen multiple times, from multiple professionals, while searching for same.

"I specialize in working with individuals, couples and families."

How is that specializing? That's pretty much the entire potential client population.


I am not in a place right now where I want to do a big hiring search (so this post is not going up on craigslist or such, and is much more casual than normal), but my last sales/customer service assistant left a few months ago, and it would be nice to have a new one. Tammy has been wonderful pitching in where she can, but her heavy season is at the same time as mine, so she can't really pick up the things I would like more regular help with. I can manage, it just would be better if someone else was helping.

The job is:


Contact with prospective customers -- answering initial inquiries, but most importantly keeping in contact with people when they are deciding whether or not to book.
This is technically a sales job, but not hard-sell, and is more like customer service in vibe.

POSSIBLY/OPTIONALLY (depending on workload, chemistry, etc.)

  • Helping me manage current clients who have dropped off the radar when faced with decisions.

  • Helping with social media (which may take the form of nagging me to blog/instagram,  but possibly expand into actually writing short posts, IDK)

  • If I do the Lovesick Expo again, help working the table would be nice.


This is a telecommuting job, though some initial training (learning about the books) is best done in person (North King/South Snohomish County). Customer contact is basically entirely by e-mail; internal communication is mostly e-mail or IM (I hate the phone)

It is usually 2-5 hours a week, possibly up to 10 if it gets busy. I need someone to check/send e-mail 4 days a week, and I need to know which days of the week those are, but they can pick them. Hours are whenever fits their schedule. Basically, it's not a very lucrative job, but it is incredibly flexible.

Design/photography experience is unnecessary, but being able to talk a bit about visual style and the qualities of mid-to-high-end crafted objects will be required. Comfort in selling high-end (i.e. expensive) items is needed. The product line is big and somewhat complicated, and helping customers find the right solution for them while avoiding Choice Fatigue is key.

If you think weddings are petty bourgeois extravagances, this isn't going to work.

Since writing is 95% of how the customer experiences us, good semi-formal writing skills are needed.

Software used is e-mail (imap, NOT gmail), CapsuleCRM (which is a pretty simple CRM), and google drive docs/spreadsheets.

They/you would be an actual employee, with w-2 and taxes and all that, so must be a washington state resident, though someone who is already has a business set up as a VA and would prefer to stick with that mode might work. Payroll is monthly, $11/hour. Under the table is not an option.

E-mail me at admina at alacartealbums.com with questions or to apply. No Microsoft Word documents, please.

sparkly things, part seventy gazillion
A box with alchol inks and little sheets of plexi arrived yesterday, which I am super excited about.  The inks in particular will let me add more watercolor-y (and consistently translucent) effects, since they stick to glass, and I am going to experiment with taking the mode I am working in with the jewelry and moving it up just a little bit in scale.

I should be taking advantage of the good weather to do ALL THE GLUING (e6000 will melt your brain cells, so I like to do it outside in a big batch) but keep hoping the settings that are currently stuck in customs will show up for about 10 pieces I don't know which setting will be best for. And if I glue them now, then the order will arrive and it would be overwhelmingly obvious that things that rectangles that were vertical should be horizontal and circles that are pendants should be bracelets. Wah.

I'm still struggling with how to take good photos of these pieces, both the final and in-process versions, but this is what I have so far for the current batch (LJ lets you post instagrams with the username and comments but not the description, or with the description but not the rest of the instagram info. This is really annoying to me):

Today's new crop of painted cabs. I am particularly pleased with the medium round one, which looks like black opal in person.

Today"s new crop of painted cabs. I am particularly pleased with the medium round one, which looks like black opal in person.

My first attempt at earrings! I am trying to decide between the silver and gunmetal settings.

They match more than this pic implies, as flash works very oddly on my pretties; the one on the left is more accurate.

My first attempt at earrings! I am trying to decide between the silver and gunmetal settings.They match more than this pic implies, as flash works very oddly on my pretties; the one on the left is more accurate.
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She can't be old enough to get married, she's clearly still 9.
My oldest niece got married yesterday, in a BEEYOTIFUL garden wedding on the farm where she lives on Bainbridge.
My pictures aren't pretty (my camera phone sucks, and I have lost my mojo, and they have an awesome photographer so I'm sure there will be great pics eventually and mostly didn't bother) but I got a few, though apparently none of the brides. (x-posted from instagram. I was going to claim I update instagram more often than LJ, but then I looked at my datestamps. Ooops.):

I might actually be relaxed
I was sternly told to go do some self-care, so I had Indian food and a loooong massage on a table with the warmer on high and wow. Even though there were some ouchy bits (I think something trigger point-ish wss happening) I actually ended the massage all floaty, which hasn't happened in a long time.

I also go started on the video crash learning, and got one more album design approved and off my hands so yay.

I have been approved for promoted pins on pinterest, which of course makes me think I don't have a pin worth actually promoting. (I have one really POPULAR pin but it is to a tutorial and I am unsure if that generates sales, or just goodwill.)

Yoga has been basically impossible to get to; I think next year I need to just assume I can't regularly go in the summer and have a different plan next year.

Dan is progressing in his skateboarding at a rapid pace. I'm going to try and take some video of THAT too, though it will probably be more challenging than the relatively slow moving books.

velveeta in its musical form
Yesterday Dan got to control the music in car during a long ride. So we listened to selections from the English soundtracks to the first few Pokemon movies, from the late 80s/early 90s.  It was so cheezy that even Dan couldn't last all the way through any of the songs. (Pikachu gets a theme song that was I think a merengue at one point.)

It was the Song of Jigglypuff that pretty much killed us:

(If it had just been jigglypuff singing, it would have been okay, I think.)

I'm just glad he didn't make it to the Christmas Album.

(seattle/snohomish county) free flatbed scanner to good home
I am replacing my wonderful, sturdy, still entirely functional Epson Perfection 4780 Photo flatbed scanner -- it's from their old pro line, so has good resolution and Dmax, a 6 x9 transparency unit (which I have not ever used, since I have a dedicated film scanner), and while it is no spring chicken, it's never given me a minutes trouble. Works fine with Windows 7. Anyone need a scanner/know of an organization that could use such a scanner? The original box is long since gone, so I don't want to attempt shipping, it would need to be a handoff.


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